Stone Road Vineyard

Vision statement


     Stone Road Vineyard believes in the replication of the heritage that made West Virginia a state by embracing the belief that Mountaineers are always free in our production of enjoyable vintage wines.  During the Civil War, West Virginia enjoyed prolific vineyards that existed in a majority of the Kanawha River Valley.  After the decimation by the Confederacy of these vineyards midpoint during the Civil War, the “Burning Springs” were replaced with 20th century industry.


    Today, Stone Road Vineyard is the union of quality grapes with the vinting techniques of the new age.  We are the Ohio River appellation.


     Using American, grafted French, and grafted vinifera grape varieties, we offer a history honored touch of civility in our varietals and blended red and white wines.


     Finally, these echoes that live in the course of human events allow us to necessarily declare the wine you drink today to be that which was to be demonstrated or QED. Now. Enjoy!


David and Lynne Stone, proprietors








Mission Statement


    The travel of wine through time is a journey on the road of life.  Time, Tools, and Strategies provide strength for Stone Road Vineyard and we encourage our customers to participate in the simplicity of enjoying wine for health and the enhancement of fine food.   We pride ourselves in maintaining the ability to produce wine from grapes that folks in our resident Wirt County rate highly while attracting those folks from the cities and towns of kindred spirits in our nation and our world.  We do this by sharing a specific selection of five quality red and three quality white wines in a defined level of output and blending.   Look for the likes of Mourvedre, Isabella, Leon Millot, Alicante, and a few others in our reds.  Look for the likes of vignoles, Riesling, Semillon, sauvignon Blanc, and a few others in our whites.  Our wines seem to be an intersection where Italians, Germans, and Hillbillies meet; and actually, the roads of Tuscany, the Nahe river valley and West Virginia are much alike.  They meet at fine wine. 

     Remember also, each release of a wine is often limited to a couple of hundred cases and our blending decision is often driven by visitor appreciation.  The ultimate description might be to think of us as a canteen; either a practical container or a social institution. For that which was demonstrated, our labels sign the path in the travel of our wine, beginning at County road 12.



Dave & Lynne Stone, Proprietors